Museo de Sofia

Be a part of 20th century art. Enrichyourself and be awed at Museo de Sofia.

Museo Reina Sofia is Spain’s National Museum of 20th century art. It is located near the Atocha train station. Entrance fee is 8 euro
Danse Serpentine, staged in NY in 1897 by an American dancer, Loie Fuller.

Me with The Invisible Man, Salvador Dali, 1929
After his lover, Lee Miller, abandoned him in 1932, Man Ray replaced the photograph of an anonymous eye of his artwork titled ‘Object to be Destroyed’ and changed it with Miller’s eye and changed the title to ‘Object of Destruction’. Here is the replica
Husband with Dali’s Face of the Great Masturbator (1929)
Cool and breezy as the air con is on
Optical Car Crash, Andy Warhol, 1962
A creation of a French artist Francis Picabia in 1915 for Alfred Stieglitz’s Dada magazine, 291
Pictures. Memories. Madrid

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