Alone but not lonely

I tend to observe my surroundings and wonder, “What’s inside their minds at that particular moment?”

Surprise, surprise… I’m in Denmark!

Just because I returned from the Netherlands two months ago, doesn’t mean that this blog is abandoned. You can still see Europe from my perspective, even more , because I am currently in Denmark for my master degree which takes about two years. Yup! I am now in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark; considered as…

Furry friends in Europe say

I have five dogs here in Indonesia. Since I have a big garden, they all have a great space to play! Therefore, I hardly walk them, clothe them, or buy them toys. For me, they are pets. But in Europe, at least in cities I went to in Netherlands, Milan and Paris, dogs are part of the families….

Do you have time to shop in the Netherlands?

This is also what I did for the blog assignment, about shops’ closing time in the Netherlands 😀 By Galuh — “Sorry, we are closed!” is the answer you will get when you are trying to shop in The Netherlands after 18:00 most days of the week. Coming from Indonesia, a country where malls open until…

Is this journalism?

That is the question when we had a special guest from RNW (Radio Netherlands Worldwide) Ikenna Azuike, the man behind What’s Up Africa, a satirical news and pop-culture about Africa. This is his latest video and before you click, bear in mind the question “Is this journalism?” I personally love the guy and for me, this…

Cycling is like breathing

“Bicycle is a way of life. You would be the talk of the neighborhood if your 6 year-old child cannot ride a bicycle!” said the lady who gave me a tour at Amersfoort. W.O.W. Welcome to The Netherlands!