Maximizing MAXXI

The MAXXI (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo) is a national museum of contemporary art and architecture, designed by the great late Zaha Hadid. I bought the Roma Pass and this museum is included. Didier Fiuza Faustino, Exploring dead buildings 2.0, photos © Inexhibit, 2015

I (am)sterdam. Are you?

After Groningen, we stayed overnight in Amsterdam before going to Rome the next morning. It was not my first time in Amsterdam. But of course, the city has (too) many to offer one can only venture a small part of its beauty.

Museo de Sofia

Be a part of 20th century art. Enrichyourself and be awed at Museo de Sofia.

Once upon a time in Rosenholm Castle

Hornslet is only 30 minutes from home or around 45 min from Aarhus, be enchanted by Denmark’s oldest family-owned castle, Rosenholm Castle.

Seeing Sculpture by the Sea

I think the name says it all. renowned as Denmark’s bigget outdoor art exhibition, Scupture by the Sea 2015 took place in Aarhus, from June 5 – July 5 2015.

Aros: Part II

It was early May, the sun was still shyly hiding behind the clouds and well, what could be better than to visit Aros Museum?

Aarhus’s Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have)

A green space in the city, Botanical Garden is approximately 21,5 hectares with 5 hectares dedicated to Den Gamble By (The Old Town). It has green houses where plants and flowers from all continents are gathered  and the temperature is adjusted as if in the origin countries. Hence, a perfect 28 degrees inside while the weather outside is 0…

Kvine museet (Women’s museum) in Aarhus

Kvine Museet is located just behind the cathedral in the center of Aarhus. Good to know more on women and their histories in Denmark. A good way to know ourselves… as women.

Den Gamble By: time traveling

Known as The Old Town, Den Gamble By is an open air museum where you will have the pleasure to experience what it likes to live in Denmark around 1700-1800, even fast forward to the 70’s.

The Steno Museum in Aarhus

Welcome to Steno Museet, the national museum of History of Science and Medicine! Another Thursday with no class, I decided to go to the museum which is located in the university’s park. There’s an admission fee (30 kr), but if you’re a student of Aarhus Uni, then it’s for free. Most of the explanations are in English,…

Around Aros Museum, Aarhus

Aros Museum is an art museum and is one fo the biggest one in Northern Europe. I am amazed with “Out of Darkness”, an art work by Olafur Elliason where you are inside a foggy room with color changes. He is also the man behind Rainbow Panorama which gives you rainbow sights of Aarhus! Located…