Two years later…

Earned bachelor degree: 2005. Then I worked. For years. I thought that was it. But there was a voice inside of me saying that there was more to life. After tens of scholarship applications and rejections (and a whole lot of perseverance) I made it. I came to Denmark in August 2014 and my husband…

Seeing Sculpture by the Sea

I think the name says it all. renowned as Denmark’s bigget outdoor art exhibition, Scupture by the Sea 2015 took place in Aarhus, from June 5 – July 5 2015.

Summer swimming

First time ever to swim at the beach. Here in Denmark. It was around 24 degrees, yet the water was still 10 degrees below the outside temperature. As a beach lover who is in the northern part of Europe, this is the best I can get.

Northside festival: where the fun starts

It’s summer and what’s better tha enjoying music and the sun at a festival? Just like any other European countries, Denmark celebrates the summer with music and beer. From George Ezra to Black Keys!

Kapsejladsen: when sport and beer collide

One group from one faculty. Each group member race using a canoe to the other end of  the lake, drink beer, spin 10 times and race back again. Then another group member did the same and so on. Sounds boring? Check the pictures and think again!

Aarhus: More than just classes

As a MA candidate for Corporate Communication at Aarhus BSS, I might say that the study loads are quite heavy. Yet, I want to maximize my time in Denmark. That my life does not evolve around studying (yeah, right). So I volunteer. As a communication specialist at TEDxVennelystBlvd and unleash my passion for cooking and great…

Kræmmermarked Aarhus

Spring is here and everyone is happy. so why not make a huge frea market, filled with more than 200 stalls and with a small tivoli for children, and make it right next to Tangkrogen beach? Welcome to Kræmmermarked Aarhus (14-17 May, 2015), where drinking two glasses of beers and winning great cheap stuffs are just an…

Aros: Part II

It was early May, the sun was still shyly hiding behind the clouds and well, what could be better than to visit Aros Museum?

The day I (sort of) met the queen

On April 16, 2015, Queen Margrethe II celebrated her 75th birthday. One week prior her birthday, she came to Aarhus as part of her birthday celebration! I admitted I skipped my stakeholder relation’s class for this. But hey, let’s put it this way: this is an example of stakeholder relations: from a queen to her…

Snowy February

Early in February, the first week of class. Quoting Games of Thrones, “The winter is (still) coming”.

Aarhus’s Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have)

A green space in the city, Botanical Garden is approximately 21,5 hectares with 5 hectares dedicated to Den Gamble By (The Old Town). It has green houses where plants and flowers from all continents are gathered  and the temperature is adjusted as if in the origin countries. Hence, a perfect 28 degrees inside while the weather outside is 0…