The Netherlands – Germany – Italy – France in 360

It has been a long long wait for this video! When I was in The Netherlands (May – June 2014), I tried to do a 360 video shooting in all places I went to. Fun and a great way to walk  on the memory lane, once in a while. Spoiler: embrace yourself for more than…

A tourist in Paris

I guess the title says it all. I know four days are not enough to play as a tourist in the city of love. But who knows,  I might see Paris sooner than latter 🙂

Pretty Paris, please

Because of France, I: (1) forced myself to take a course in learning French (2) had endless dream of wearing a beret, drinking coffee in a cafe in Paris. You know just like the movie Sabrina (3) many other things. France is THE one country I wanted to go since high school. Kept saying, “Pretty Paris, please… want to see pretty…

Musique de Paris

Being in Paris is a surreal experience. The majestic architecture, history, arts, food and of course… enchanting music.