I (am)sterdam. Are you?

After Groningen, we stayed overnight in Amsterdam before going to Rome the next morning. It was not my first time in Amsterdam. But of course, the city has (too) many to offer one can only venture a small part of its beauty.

Giethoorn in January

January 2016, we went to visit a friend in Groningen. He took us to Giethoorn, a village in the Netherlands that is known as the “Venice of the North”. Well, I guess the cloudy, cold and sometimes raining weather made the village… less lively. Giethoorn

The Netherlands – Germany – Italy – France in 360

It has been a long long wait for this video! When I was in The Netherlands (May – June 2014), I tried to do a 360 video shooting in all places I went to. Fun and a great way to walk  on the memory lane, once in a while. Spoiler: embrace yourself for more than…

Cruising the canal

Whether it is in the Netherlands or Milan, canals have their own story of beauty.

Bali’s of Netherlands: Schiermonnikoog

Well, that what my friend Edwin told me before we went there, haha! It was quite a long journey: 2,5 hour by train from Bussum Zuid – Groningen, 45 minutes by car from Groningen to Lauwersoog ferry port and another 45 minutes by ferry to reach Schiermonnikoog. It was all worth it. Thanks Edwin for…

Roosendaal to Antwerp

Last Saturday (June 7th), I went to Roosendaal to visit Paula, a Dutch woman whom I met around 2,5 years ago in Gili, Lombok. Roosendaal is in the south side of Netherlands, about 15 minute by car to Belgium. And that was exactly what we did: we went to Antwerp! Thank’s Paula for showing me around!

A dose of Delft’s beauty

Visiting Delft was not on my agenda. But since I had a dagkaart (day card: access of using train the whole day) and it’s several stops before Roosendaal, I just gave it a head. The town is just beautiful: small yet lively. I went there last Saturday (June 7th) and they had a flea market!

Muiderslot: fairy tale castle

About one hour by bus from Bussum Zuid, resides a castle in Muiden. It was build in the 17th century. Please, kindly meet… Muiderslot.

Meeting Amsterdam

Finally I went to Amsterdam after two weeks in the Netherlands. I spent one full day in the city and found that it offers everything for everyone (aside from the obvious, of course): 1. Museums for both science to art lovers

Flowers blooming in Keukenhof

After two months, last Sunday (May 18th 2014) was the last day Keukenhof, the international and independent showcase of the Dutch floricultural industry  (specialize on flowering bulbs) opened.