Visiting Vatican

Vatican. It may be the smallest state in the world, but its name echoes worldly.

People of Rome

I LOVE taking candid pictures. The idea to freeze a certain moment is just fascinating. Here are some of them, taken in Rome.


“Galuh, you may have traveled to many parts of the world, but in terms of food, you can’t help yourself but to stay with your local palate.” So true. I love love love food and when it comes to eating, I want it to be interesting and tasty, not dull or boring. Spain (sea food,…

Alone but not lonely

I tend to observe my surroundings and wonder, “What’s inside their minds at that particular moment?”


Of course I didn’t take the pictures, but my husband did! (except for the leg pose) ūüôā

Snowy February

Early in February, the first week of class. Quoting Games of Thrones, “The winter is (still) coming”.

Definitely not food from fridge

Yup, That is my¬†opinion about food I stumbled while I was around the¬†Netherlands, Milan and Paris.¬†For me, food is the source of joy. Nothing thrill me more ¬†than delicious mouth watering dishes. Yet, I lost 5 kgs in two months while I was in Europe. Why? I just love Indonesian food better. But hey, these…

Musique de Paris

Being in Paris is a surreal experience. The majestic architecture, history, arts, food and of course… enchanting music.