Come, come to Rome

A city where every corner is a part of history, a huge ‘outdoor museum’ with great pizzas and gelato. I ask for nothing else.

The great Segovia

Relax yourself and took a day tour from the capital to Segovia. Trust me. It is worth every second of your time.

Museo de Sofia

Be a part of 20th century art. Enrichyourself and be awed at Museo de Sofia.

Magnificent Madrid

Arrived in Madrid from Berlin early in the morning. Went to our rented apartment, had a rest and took a free walking tour. Although I only stayed for three days, I managed to utmost my travel by going to Museo de Sofia and witnessed the great 20th century contemporray art and took a day trip…

Boom… Berlin, Baby!

FINALLY! Last August – September, my husband and I had a little vacation: Berlin – Madrid – Barcelona. Only two days in Berlin, we had so little time to explore this magnificent city. Here’s a glimpse of the city.