Of course I didn’t take the pictures, but my husband did! (except for the leg pose) ūüôā

Being in Brabrand

‘You live in Brabrand? Be safe, there.” That, or frowning. One month in Aarhus, I am getting use to get these responses. But hey, Brabrand has lots of fresh veggies + fruits that I can’t find in big chain supermarkets. Plus, it has Brabrand¬†Lake ¬†which is only 2,5 km from my¬†apartment. So, I¬†went there and…

Rusty the bike

Come and meet my new (old) bike named Rusty. A friend bought at a second hand store for only 50 dkk. He brought it to a bike¬†repair shop and they changed the tires and brake, but unable to fix the saddle. As a tall man, my friend had a trouble of using the bike thus…

Bali’s of Netherlands: Schiermonnikoog

Well, that what my friend Edwin told me before we went there, haha! It was quite a long journey: 2,5 hour by train from Bussum Zuid – Groningen, 45 minutes by car from Groningen to Lauwersoog ferry port and another 45 minutes by ferry to reach Schiermonnikoog. It was all worth it. Thanks Edwin for…

A dose of Delft’s beauty

Visiting Delft was not on my agenda. But since I had a dagkaart (day card: access of using train the whole day) and it’s several stops before Roosendaal, I just gave it a head. The¬†town is just beautiful: small yet lively. I went there last Saturday (June 7th) and they had a flea market!

Cycling is like breathing

“Bicycle is a way of life. You would be the talk of the neighborhood if your 6 year-old child cannot ride a bicycle!” said the lady who gave me a tour at Amersfoort. W.O.W. Welcome to The Netherlands!