A dose of Delft’s beauty

Visiting Delft was not on my agenda. But since I had a dagkaart (day card: access of using train the whole day) and it’s several stops before Roosendaal, I just gave it a head. The town is just beautiful: small yet lively. I went there last Saturday (June 7th) and they had a flea market!

Revenge is better served cold, says Netherlands

Just finished watching one of the most anticipated match by the Dutch in World Cup 2014! They really had their “revenge” after losing to Spain at final of World Cup 2010 by scoring magnificent FIVE goals into Casillas’s sacred place! But that is not why I am here. I want to share a video I made BEFORE the…

Muiderslot: fairy tale castle

About one hour by bus from Bussum Zuid, resides a castle in Muiden. It was build in the 17th century. Please, kindly meet… Muiderslot.

Meeting Amsterdam

Finally I went to Amsterdam after two weeks in the Netherlands. I spent one full day in the city and found that it offers everything for everyone (aside from the obvious, of course): 1. Museums for both science to art lovers

Flowers blooming in Keukenhof

After two months, last Sunday (May 18th 2014) was the last day Keukenhof, the international and independent showcase of the Dutch floricultural industry  (specialize on flowering bulbs) opened.

Ample of Amersfoort

After the Hilversum tour, I and Ali went to Amersfoort, about 16 minutes by train from Hilversum. Went to the tower (about 346 round stairs!), Kopperpoort and fortress. Bonus: Amersfoort Jazz Festival was held during the day, so free music all around the old city center!

Hello Hilversum

On a bright sunny Saturday morning, Shaun, one of the producers that works in RNW for the Africa desk, was helpful enough to show us around Hilversum. from where to buy affordable shoes, Asian food to a nice second hand shop. Afterwards, we went to the market (only available every Saturday) where you can find fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables to cheese…

Utterly Utrecht

On Thursdays, many shops in The Netherlands open until 9 PM. I took this opportunity to venture Utrecht after class. The bustling city offers a great deal of everything, from shops to food. I had a dinner in Il Pozzo, an Italian restaurant by the canal and just strolling around the city afterwards. These are some of…

Hooray, I’m in The Netherlands

Yup, that’s right, the time has come! After more than five months of waiting, I finally here, in the Netherlands, to attend Online Journalism short course at RNTC, Hilversum. Thank you StuNed for the scholarship and one in a life time opportunity. I am in The Netherlands!