Dorm: Hejredal Kollegiet

Got this place as part of “Student Guarantee” from Student Housing because lots of students are coming for the new semester. Therefore, I got this offer yet had to secure it since July 15th , whilst I arrived on August 18th. Not much choice as I don’t want to be homeless once I arrived here.

Rooms in Hejredal Kollegiet are mostly unfurnished, yet friends from Erasmus Mundus got theirs furnished. It’s an old student house (built in 1970’s if I’m not mistaken) and in Brabrand area, about 25-30 minutes by bus to my campus in Nobel Parken or around 7 km by bike. When I arrived here, they gave a table and a chair. After many visits to IKEA and genbrug (second-hand) stores, I finally made this room to be, well… a bit cozy.


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  1. Hi

    A nice blog you have and interesting to read about your visit in Denmark.
    I am writing because I work on a homepage collection 60 different dorms in Aarhus to help students find their way between all the dorms in Aarhus. It is not easy especially if you do not know the city. It is quite a big work but people are really friendly to help out.

    I would really appreciate if I may use your photos of Hejredals Kollegiet for my project?

    I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards
    Rasmus from Denmark

    1. Hi Rasmus! Thank you for your message and I agree how difficult it is to find information about dorms in Aarhus. Hence, the reason I have that post (based on personal experience). Yes, you can use the pictures and just mention the source is from my blog 🙂 Please let me know when the web is live!

  2. Kaya says:

    Hey, thanks for the post! I would say you were quite lucky to have it since the middle of July.. I’m starting to pay rent from the 1st of June just in order to secure it for my arrival like you!
    I’m coming to Hejredal Kollegiet too and have no idea where to get the furniture and the internet from, but feels like it’s gonna be fun!!! 🙂

    1. Hey, Kaya! Yes, finding a place during a new semester is crazy. When I accepted the offer, it was quite hard finding info about hejredal Kollegiet. For internet, you can use Stofa (usually they have student price) and it’s the cable TV that is used in the dorm, so no additional cost. As for furniture, check Studenterhus FB. Last year they arranged transports for students who want to buy furniture from IKEA. OR, you can go to DanMission, a second hand store at Bazarvest, just 3 minute walk from the dorm 😀

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